[about_active context=”DiSC Africa Expert Network is a community of consultants and professionals leading the delivery of extensive business value to clients and organizations with DiSC® Solutions.”]

[about_item context=”It is a solution founded in 2010 which focuses on promoting professionalism in the use of the DiSC® behavioural assessment and applications through a network of experts across the continent.”]

[about_item context=”With a global network of nearly 1,700 independent distributors and consultants our members are typically able to combine online assessment, classroom facilitation, and post‐training follow‐up inputs to create powerful, personalized workplace development experiences for thousands of clients and organizations.”]

[about_item context=”This forum promotes continuous learning & development of our members, as well as inter-networking & collaboration to share best practices and advance our interests. Membership is open to those who are new to DiSC® as well as those who are well experienced in its use.”]

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